Experienced Instructors Focused On Your Success

Martial Arts America offers world-class, family-friendly taekwondo instruction in the Moo Duk Kwan and World Taekwondo tradition. Our instructors are experienced, passionate about the art, and focused on both the physical and personal development of our students. With Martial Arts America, you know you're getting the highest quality instruction available.

Grand Master Dan Levenson

Grand Master Dan, 8th dan black belt and certified International Master, is Owner, Chief Instructor and Program Director at Martial Arts America. He holds an AS in Law Enforcement, the Florida Child Care Director Credential, and is a graduate of the Vermont State Police Academy. Grand Master Dan has been training champions in the martial arts, and in life, for more than two decades.

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Master Matt Soyster

Master Matt, 5th dan black belt and certified International Master, began his training under Grand Master Dan and Grand Master Hank Giles. He views taekwondo as a great way to mentally refresh and physically re-energize, and is passionate about sharing his knowledge so others can benefit as he has and lead better quality lives. Master Matt holds a BA from Florida State University and a JD from Stetson University College of Law.

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Master Donavan Barrett

Master Donavan, 4th dan black belt, began training at age seven under Grand Master Dan and Master Tom. An avid competitor, Master Donavan wins medals competing with the best in the state at regional tournaments, and with the best in the country at the National Championships. He is a college student pursuing a business degree and eventual ownership of his own taekwondo school.

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Master Tom Troy

Master Tom, 4th dan black belt, began his training under Grand Master Dan and Grand Master Hank Giles. He’d been thinking about joining Martial Arts America when he was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight by a kid on a bike. He is now secure in the knowledge that he knows what to do should trouble find him again. Master Tom holds degrees in Marketing, Engineering, Computer Electronics and Biology.

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