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Located at The Prep of South Tampa, Martial Arts America offers the city's most robust taekwondo experience. Headed by Grand Master Dan Levenson and a team of expert instructors, our school is known for being modern, technically-sound, and centered on personal development as well as physical fitness.

Taekwondo teaches you more than just fight skills: It shows you how to enhance your life by training your mind and body. From athletics to academics and personal power to peace of mind, the benefits of taekwondo training help kids, teens and adults lead more fulfilling lives.

Martial Arts America is a World Taekwondo school. World Taekwondo is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the federation governing the sport of taekwondo. The Kukkiwon is the organization that issues our black belt certificates. Established in 1972 by the South Korean government, the Kukkiwon is the headquarters of World Taekwondo.