Located at The Prep of South Tampa, Martial Arts America is South Tampa’s finest school for taekwondo instruction. Headed by Grand Master Dan Levenson and a team of expert instructors, our school is focused on both physical fitness and personal development. Taekwondo is a systematic, scientific Korean martial art that teaches more than fight skills. It is a discipline that shows you ways to enhance your life through training your body and mind. From athletics to academics, the physical, emotional and mental benefits of taekwondo training at Martial Arts America helps our students lead better lives. Martial Arts America is a Kukkiwon-member World Taekwondo school with roots in the Moo Duk Kwan tradition. Located in Seoul, South Korea and recognized as world taekwondo headquarters, the Kukkiwon is the governing body which issues black belt certificates to World Taekwondo (aka Olympic-style) practitioners.

"My husband and I enrolled our older son at Martial Arts America at age four. We chose the sport because of the abundant research showing improved focus, self-regulation and positive social behaviors for children engaged in taekwondo. While we have been very pleased with his progress in all these areas since he started, taekwondo has also helped his self-confidence, which was a big motivator in our enrolling our younger son, as he is quite small for his age. His self-concept and confidence has improved considerably since he started. In the kids’ world where “everyone gets a trophy,” it is refreshing to see the satisfaction our boys feel when they earn their belts. Grand Master Dan is strict (in a great way) and expects a lot from his students. His students in turn rise to the occasion and value his positive feedback. Master Donavan is as patient as he is kind. He creates a fun atmosphere in which the kids can be themselves while they learn. Our boys often talk about what life will be like for them when they obtain their black belts. We could not be happier with our experience at Martial Arts America." – Stephanie Lieb

"Martial Arts America is a phenomenal school. The teaching has physical, mental and emotional components that make it so much more than just a taekwondo education. My children are surprised by what they can accomplish but Master Dan and Donavan never are. They know their students’ potential and expertly tailor their instruction for each. They have high expectations, massive amounts of patience, and take great pride in their school and the art. My children have gained self-confidence, physical conditioning, focus and mental agility, and they look forward to class every day. Thank you, Master Dan and Donavan, for your outstanding program and for sharing your skills, time and encouragement. The benefits are immeasurable.” – Eric Bartholomay

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Martial Arts America
The Prep of South Tampa
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